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Are you worried about...

  • the hateful rhetoric and divisiveness in America
  • the state of our education system
  • the risk of mass shootings
  • blatant racism, sexism, anti-semitism, xenophobia, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of bullying

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RBL 101

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to heal our world

we must learn to

lead with love

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The Rebellion

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become a leader in the movement to create a kinder,

more compassionate, and inclusive future

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as a community organizer you will

be supported. become an integral part of a community of people deeply committed to creating a kinder, more compassionate, and inclusive future.

discover yourself. gain crystal clarity about who you are, what you truly care about, and the impact you want to have on the world around you.

create a plan. develop a specific and detailed plan for local community-level organizing that fits into your already busy life.

break the rules. determine which societal norms and rules you are committed to breaking in the name of collective liberation.

change the world. become a true warrior in the fight for kindness, compassion, inclusivity, and a love for our shared humanity.

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what's included?

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4-week signature self-discovery course

RBL 101: a journey of unlearning

4-week course for building healthy, sustainable communities

RBL BLDR: creating your community

Weekly group calls to connect with others doing the work

One year access to our social learning platform The Rebellion with private community spaces for organizers to connect

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RBL 101

a journey of unlearning

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  • Reconnect with your authentic self through a series of self-discovery activities
  • Learn how your personality, strengths, and superpowers can inform the ways you want to show up in the world
  • Dig deep to determine your core values and everything that truly matters to you
  • Discover the impact you want to have and why it must happen now


  • Rethink everything you believe about yourself and the world around you
  • Begin to unpack ways that your identity formed and the rules you unconsciously follow
  • Consider the systemic aspects of your personhood that could be harmful to marginalized people


  • Reimagine how your life might look if you lived fully into your authenticity
  • Consider ways you and others could benefit from creating an intentional learning community
  • Learn about restorative justice principles and nonviolent communication strategies for healthy communication and relationships within your community
  • Dream big and create the future you want to see

Week 4: REBEL

  • Consciously choose the societal norms and rules you are going to break
  • Decide how you can leverage your privilege and proximity to power to affect change
  • Understand the ways society will try to punish you for rebelling
  • Learn to lean on The Rebellion community members for encouragement and empowerment
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creating your community


Step 1: PLAN

  • One-on-one and group strategy sessions to design your community plan
  • Decide how many other co-organizers you would like to work with
  • Choose your geographical footprint
  • Determine when and where you will meet
  • Select your RBL101 kickoff event date


  • Learn how to effectively promote your community
  • Practice effective networking strategies for building intentional community
  • Develop clear and effective communication strategies
  • Host live discussions on social media with Amy

Step 3: PARTY!

  • Invite guests to an in-person RBL101 kickoff event
  • Amy will attend your event in-person if possible and guide you all in some community building exercises
  • You will get to know each other and build a foundation for collective learning, growth, and action


  • Host weekly local gatherings to discuss the RBL101 learning and growth
  • Learn how to guide discussions and hold space for people to share
  • Understand the importance of keeping people out of the solution space
  • Continue to deepen your growth by developing effective mentorship skills
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are you wondering...

what is the community coordinator training program?

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Community gathering
International Community

reconnect with your authentic self

You will begin with a 4-week virtual orientation in a small cohort of other community organizers to reconnect, rethink, reimagine, and learn to rebel against systems of oppression.

learn to create a local community

Work with Dr. Amy Wisner to develop a communication strategy for finding likeminded people to attend an in-person RBL101 kickoff event in your community.

Continue growing in community

Coordinate weekly meetups with your local community to share the learning and growth each member is experiencing. Plus, join virtual meetups with other communities around the world.

transform your worries into meaningful action

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you will also earn

50% affiliate income

for your efforts

your educators

Myisha T. Hill

Author, speaker, coach, and celebrated anti-bias consultant. Myisha is on a mission to help us all heal our way forward.

Amy Wisner, Ph.D.

Rebel Professor, author, speaker, and communication trainer. Amy is ready to do what it takes to create change.

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12 monthly installments

Earn 50% Affiliate Income

Remember: community organizers receive 50% affiliate income.

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